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Doing the Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango (gotta love that name!) is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012!!  And you thought last years Honeysuckle was intense…ha!  Just saying the name Tangerine Tango puts me in a good mood.  Here’s what Pantone has to say about the color: “Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is […]

Technology in the Kitchen

I’ve been hearing more about technology in the kitchen lately with the rise of tablets and smart phones. Apple doesn’t have a corner on the kitchen tech market. All kinds of innovations in cooking have bubbled up in kitchen appliances in the past decade. What are we’re seeing in Twin Cities kitchens?

Bits of Inspiration {The Color of Fall}

If fall were a color, it could only be orange. The color of leaves, pumpkins, Mario Batali’s Crocs…. OK, maybe not that last one, but spending more time indoors inevitably means spending more time in my favorite place in the world — the kitchen. I’ve got it on the brain. So how come orange so […]

Sustainable For Life

I was recently at a dinner party at a home designed by Shelter Architecture.  It was a renovation of a regular old South Minneapolis home, not a huge lot and I thought it was an incredible use of space!

Autumn & Architecture

One of the best things about Minnesota?  Our distinct seasons! Fall is my favorite so today’s special is a delicious pairing of autumn & architectural inspiration. Enjoy!

Less is More. Way More.

If “more” isn’t specific enough for you…less is better, cheaper, faster, easier, smarter, greener, cooler & flexible according to Alchemy Architects & creators of the weeHouse. If you haven’t seen one of these sweet prefab architectural gems, essentially the weeHouse is just as it’s name suggests.  A wee house.  Action packed with goodness, thoughtfulness, and […]

Before & After {LiLu Interiors}

After this traditional builder home in a stylish St. Paul neighborhood was refurbished to function better for today’s family, LiLu Interiors went to work selecting finishes and additional furnishings. Existing rugs and furniture inspired spice reds and oranges splashed against a canvas of neutral colors.  

EVENT {Homes by Architects Tour}

I cannot wait. I LOVE this tour! Every year I visit as many homes as possible (sometimes all of them!) and every year I am enormously impressed with how many architecture all-stars we have here in the Twin Cities.

Behind the Design {Keri Olson}

Meet Interior Designer Keri Olson! Keri is the owner of KOR Interior Design. KOR, pronounced “core”, because she believes the entire design experience centers on her clients.  They are the core. And just like the monogram, every solution is unique, personal and classic, regardless of style.

Made in Minnesota {Bespoke Custom Furnishings}

When I see people take off their glasses, put their face to the wall and then begin to pet that wall, I cannot help but wonder what on earth is going on. Apparently Bespoke is what’s going on and this is fairly common practice outside their showroom at International Market Square.

Hello VIVO!

.   Who needs a genie in a bottle when you have Susan Nackers Ludwig of  VIVO to design your home!?!     .

{REPOST} Color Bar – Reflection

Reflections are fun and easy to explore photographically. They are everywhere: on water, glass, mirrors or any other reflective or shiny surfaces. They can make an ordinary subject look amazing. Here are a few examples to get you started!