Made in Minnesota {Bespoke Custom Furnishings}

When I see people take off their glasses, put their face to the wall and then begin to pet that wall, I cannot help but wonder what on earth is going on.

Apparently Bespoke is what’s going on and this is fairly common practice outside their showroom at International Market Square.

The entrance to the showroom enchants people with its meticulous brick detail and it seems people need a moment to understand that yes…these bricks are indeed made of wood (walnut burl pressed onto solid figured English sycamore to be exact) and yes…it is quite irresistible to touch.

What’s even more fun is that this is only the beginning…as you enter, the details are endless and the craftsmanship divine.

Bespoke is not a word I hear often in Minnesota but by definition, it means custom-made.

The furniture, architectural accents & cabinetry are entirely unique to each client & context. Designs are crafted from each individual’s circumstance and will not be repeated. Not only is this furniture custom-made in a shop here in St. Paul…it’s custom-made especially for you.

Being a kitchen enthusiast, I am personally drawn to the way the interior compartments of each cabinet are tailored to suit a very specific purpose.

“At Bespoke, our goal is to make the interior as exquisite as the exterior with no compromise on material or craftsmanship just because it may be unseen” says manager Katie Bonander.

Surprisingly, this also applies to the backs of doors and underside of drawer boxes and tables!  

“While our showroom is based in Minneapolis, we recieve commissions from across the country and in Europe.” says principal Keith Morgan.

See their workshop in action 


Photo Credit: Greg Page Photography

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