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December Events

* Thursday, Dec. 1st: Design Lecture- British Graphic Design Anthony Burrill * Saturday, Dec. 10th : Original Art by Brandie Adams * Saturday, Nov. 26th – Sunday, Jan. 2nd: Winterlights at the Purcell-Cutts House * Advertisements

The Art of Trompe

Last Wednesday we  began our November feature by chatting with Carter Averbeck of Trompe Decorative Finishes. The scope or Trompe’s repertoire is vast and the scale ranges from a single panel to an entire church restoration. Enjoy & explore some of my favorite projects and creative finishes.

Touch-Worthy Walls

Ever since  the walls of my office met Carter Averbeck, they’ve been considerably more popular. People cannot keep their hands off the forest of plaster trees that transformed a rather ho hum wall into a regular topic of conversation.

November ’11

Made In Minnesota {SOLV}

It’s a very good Thursday. Check out these splendors from artist & furniture pioneer George Mahoney of Solv.  

Event Preview {10.20 – 10.26}

Architectural Salvage

Have you ever been looking for the perfect anatomical model of a crayfish and not known where to begin your hunt? Okay…perhaps not…but now I know where you could find one and a lot of other unique and wonderful treasures. An Art Deco coat rack perhaps, an iron yard sculpture, an incredible faucet? The Twin […]

Event Preview {9.29 – 10.5}

A Pure Inspired Home

Eco-Savvy Interior Designer Samantha Cobos says “At PURE Inspired Design, our goal is to effortlessly blend comfort, beauty and functionality seamlessly with eco-friendly furnishings, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.”

Autumn & Architecture

One of the best things about Minnesota?  Our distinct seasons! Fall is my favorite so today’s special is a delicious pairing of autumn & architectural inspiration. Enjoy!

Event Preview {9.29 – 10.5}

Wood From the Hood

Wood From The Hood produces high quality lumber and other wood products from the Twin Cities area “Urban Forest“.  By reclaiming trees in our local area, they can produce high quality products from a sustainable resource and take one more step towards environmentally sensitive building and remodeling. They are collecting and milling local trees that […]