EVENT {Homes by Architects Tour}

I cannot wait. I LOVE this tour! Every year I visit as many homes as possible (sometimes all of them!) and every year I am enormously impressed with how many architecture all-stars we have here in the Twin Cities.

You’ll see thoughtful solutions, amazing transformations & hear lots of great stories.

The architects & sponsors are at the homes to meet you and answer your questions.

If you are thinking about designing a new home or renovating an existing one, this tour is a MUST SEE.

Fabulous for architecture enthusiasts as well!

What:  2011 Homes by Architects Tour, 14 new and remodeled homes throughout the greater Minneapolis-St.Paul area.

When:  September 17th & 18th 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. each day.

Tickets: $15 online prior to the tour and $20 at the door during the tour days.

More: Check out facebook.com/hbatour to keep updated on tour information including the new mobile site options and enhanced iPhone app!

Find out more about the design process and see the tour video from 2010 on our YouTube Channel.

See all  the 2011 HOMES & read more about the architects

Last year, over 1600 people came out to experience how architect-designed homes are the product of a different process.

One comment

  1. seriously great tour. saw 6 homes today and am hoping to see at least 6 more tomorrow. good times! i also met three of the clients who live in these homes which is always an extra insightful layer to an already awesome weekend.

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