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Behind the Design {Design Orange}

Last Wednesday, we met Jada Schumacher, founder of Design Orange, here. Today, this local Twin Cities talent shares a few professional insights, inspirations and a peek into her process! Advertisements

Bits of Inspiration {Holiday Cards}

The time has come again to start thinking about who makes your nice list… for Holiday Cards.  If you are like me that list keeps growing and so do the unique options.  This year, wouldn’t it be great to send something hand made from a local artist? Here are a few of my favorites.

Grand Hand Gallery

Artists and art lovers alike rave about the Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul.  Their beautifully curated collection of quality hand crafted art is unmatched in the area.  Whether you are searching for the perfect Holiday gift or something for yourself, the Grand Hand is a place that you must visit.

Architectural Salvage

Have you ever been looking for the perfect anatomical model of a crayfish and not known where to begin your hunt? Okay…perhaps not…but now I know where you could find one and a lot of other unique and wonderful treasures. An Art Deco coat rack perhaps, an iron yard sculpture, an incredible faucet? The Twin […]

Shop Local {Alsadu}

Are you looking for something one of a kind?  Maybe something exotic, unique or from a far off place? Alsadu is the place!

Shop Local {Artful Decor}

Earlier this week, we introduced our September’s Featured Project, Health Foundation Family Health & Birth Center. Yesterday we interviewed designer Jane-Marie Bloomberg. And today, in SHOP LOCAL we are chatting with Stephanie Weber of Artful Decor.  

Bits of Inspiration {Fall Colors}

Autumn is upon us and this year the fall leaves are predicted to be the most colorful display we have seen in over 10 years.   In anticipation of the impending foliage phenomenon, here are some bits of hand made fall color inspiration.

Bits of Inspiration {Food Preservation}

Raising us on a mixture of cereals left at the bottom-of-the-boxes and a general disregard for expiration dates, my mom instilled a Catholic guilt in me against tossing food that would raise Dr. Zasio’s eyebrows. She also canned or froze nearly everything from her garden (and others’) that we couldn’t finish. Maybe you share my […]

Shop Local {Montaggio}

As fun as it is to browse the internet in your pajamas, you gotta put on some clothes and check this place out in person!  Montaggio is a modern plumbing wonderland. You only *think* you don’t care about toilets and faucets until you have seen this family owned & operated showroom in the warehouse district .   Montaggio’s focus […]

{mmm} Happily Ever After

MICHELLE’S MONTHLY MISSION {mmm}: Happily Ever After This month my cousin is getting married. I need a gift. Something Simple. Something Thoughtful. Something Local. .

for the love of … COFFEE

Welcome, EMILY LITTLE, to the Collective!  Today, she shares her love for coffee in the Twin Cities. Clean or cluttered it’s always there. My #1 favorite source of coffee is a beloved coffee system located conveniently 20 steps from my desk in the showroom. This whole bean machine never lets me down … espresso, coffee, […]