Behind the Design {Keri Olson}

Meet Interior Designer Keri Olson!

Keri is the owner of KOR Interior Design. KOR, pronounced “core”, because she believes the entire design experience centers on her clients.  They are the core. And just like the monogram, every solution is unique, personal and classic, regardless of style.

Keri came to interior design later in life, but not too late!  After living in South Africa and Mexico she realized not only how people experienced beauty differently, but that how we live and what we love to have around us is very cultural, personal and is unique to each and every one of us.
There is nothing more exciting than finding out what matters to her clients and making that a part of their environment.
  So, back to school she went ’cause she knew the original business degree was really for her parents.  Now Keri does what she loves, creating beautiful homes and work spaces that people love to live in.
Keri is a dog AND a cat person.  “When it comes to dogs, they’re all adorable, but make no mistake, Beagles are the cutest” (she has two).  Keri loves to eat!  High brow, low brow, doesn’t matter.  Keri’s husband is also named Cary & their favorite restaurants among many are Al Vento, Meritage and they think Duplex has the best sweet potato fries in the world.
They also just hit the state fair for foods sake of course and made it out just before cardiac arrest. Despite these eatting adventures, Keri cooks most meals at home in the beautiful open kitchen she designed herself.
Keri thinks it is a little ironic that she won the ASID emerging talent award a couple years ago.  She says, “at my age most people are peaking in their careers.”
“I was honored and love to think that I have so many years ahead of me to hit my stride.” It seems to me, Keri is the perfect mix of youthful enthusiasm & wisdom that only comes through living life.
Keri has also won an ASID award for a fabulous dining room for a client on Summit Avenue.  Like most designers she loves to work in all design styles depending on my client’s personal tastes.
Keri says, “In my heart of hearts, I would confess to being a closet Southerner.  It is a view of beauty that typically includes ties to family, collections, traditions without being slavish to a particular style.  Contemporary art, furniture styles, current trends all find there way in there in a very comfortable manner.  I guess that sort of defines great design for me, a space that is beautiful and looks so comfortable that you can’t wait to live there.”
Keri  just finished up the 2011 ASID Kitchen and Bath Tour and will be designing the ASID 2012 Showcase Home’s Living Room/Music Room this spring.  (The ASID Showcase Home is a fabulous project in which interior designers are selected to design one room of a generally large house. Together they come up with a seamless solution that the public can tour & learn about all the magic that goes into transforming houses into homes.)

Keri’s most recent work has included kitchens, multiple bath remodels, professional offices, and every imaginable interior space.  She starts by meeting with clients at their homes and then moves on to where ever the project leads them.

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