Bits of Inspiration {The Color of Fall}

If fall were a color, it could only be orange.

The color of leaves, pumpkins, Mario Batali’s Crocs….

OK, maybe not that last one, but spending more time indoors inevitably means spending more time in my favorite place in the world — the kitchen. I’ve got it on the brain.

So how come orange so rarely enters the lexicon of kitchen design?

Certainly it’s not a traditional pick, but that makes orange a natural choice for those looking to add an element of surprise or distinction to their kitchens.

It’s amazingly versatile in its styling, creating anywhere from vintage or contemporary looks.


Gain some inspiration from these kitchen photos I gleaned from Some are ORANGE kitchens and others are simply kitchens with orange in them.

Orange walls make a Bold Statement

But think beyond bright orange. This burnt version adds a lot of warmth to the kitchen.

Burnt Orange

Consider an accent wall for a quieter statement.

Orange cabinets definitely set you apart in a sea of white and dark kitchens.

If you can’t commit to orange — or any color for that matter — keep your palette neutral and rely on lesser elements, like furniture and accessories, to provide pops of citrus.


Other Stools

And though small, this orange backsplash provides a WOW focal point.


Wine Rack



Perhaps the most subtle touch of color you can add is in lighting. I love this idea.


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