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Handmade Inspirations for Spring

Did you know Spring is only weeks away? Yep, Wahoo, Yipee.  Even though it has been a very mild (to say the least) Winter I am definitely ready for a change.  I am looking forward to a little color; in the scenery, peoples clothes and maybe even a little tan on my face.  So here […]

Technology in the Kitchen

I’ve been hearing more about technology in the kitchen lately with the rise of tablets and smart phones. Apple doesn’t have a corner on the kitchen tech market. All kinds of innovations in cooking have bubbled up in kitchen appliances in the past decade. What are we’re seeing in Twin Cities kitchens?

Bits of Inspiration {The Color of Fall}

If fall were a color, it could only be orange. The color of leaves, pumpkins, Mario Batali’s Crocs…. OK, maybe not that last one, but spending more time indoors inevitably means spending more time in my favorite place in the world — the kitchen. I’ve got it on the brain. So how come orange so […]

Autumn & Architecture

One of the best things about Minnesota?  Our distinct seasons! Fall is my favorite so today’s special is a delicious pairing of autumn & architectural inspiration. Enjoy!

Bits of Inspiration {Fall Colors}

Autumn is upon us and this year the fall leaves are predicted to be the most colorful display we have seen in over 10 years.   In anticipation of the impending foliage phenomenon, here are some bits of hand made fall color inspiration.

Bits of Inspiration {Handbags}

 Gone are the days of mismatched handbags and shoes.   Growing up I was always taught to match my handbag, shoes and belt.  Clearly that rule went away, for a while, but it’s coming back in style this fall; along with matching nail polish and lipstick.     Leather handbags are on trend for this fall; […]

Bits of Inspiration {Food Preservation}

Raising us on a mixture of cereals left at the bottom-of-the-boxes and a general disregard for expiration dates, my mom instilled a Catholic guilt in me against tossing food that would raise Dr. Zasio’s eyebrows. She also canned or froze nearly everything from her garden (and others’) that we couldn’t finish. Maybe you share my […]

What is Your Art Style?

With so many fantastic events going on this past weekend I was faced with the tough task of deciding which were priorities and which events I would will have to catch next time around.   This lead me to start thinking about which medium of art was my favorite and why. What is my art style […]