Technology in the Kitchen

I’ve been hearing more about technology in the kitchen lately with the rise of tablets and smart phones.
Apple doesn’t have a corner on the kitchen tech market. All kinds of innovations in cooking have bubbled up in kitchen appliances in the past decade.
What are we’re seeing in Twin Cities kitchens?
High BTU (British Thermal Units)
A growing subset of cooks want a chef’s kitchen at home, so the BTUs on commercial-style ranges are creeping closer and closer to those in restaurant kitchens.

The Capital Culinarian’s (above) open-burner system, for instance, features an impressive 23,000 BTUs on every burner. (Note: Most ranges use a burner cap for safety reasons, or a “sealed burner”)

Soup and sauce lovers will appreciate every burner’s ability to simmer at a gentle 145 degrees as well.

We found this HERE

Induction is competing with gas as the go-to configuration for those who love to cook. Though the technology has been around for decades, induction is a relatively new concept to most. The electronic burners heat only magnetic surfaces, making induction more efficient than gas but with all the power and  responsiveness.

Because only the cookware is heated, the cook surface remains cool to the touch so many (especially those with children…and cats) find induction safer than gas.

Used for years in commercial bakeries and kitchens, convection allows faster and more even baking by incorporating airflow into the oven.
Gone are the days of playing musical cookie sheets.
Convection eliminates the need to rotate racks when cooking multiple items at once. Many ranges now feature convection modes. In many cases — especially when cooking roasts and poultry — testing the internal temperature using a built-in probe is the best and easiest method to ensure properly cooked food.
My sister Angela swears by the rule that you shouldn’t buy appliances for how you cook two days out of the year, but I still think the Perfect Turkey mode on Electrolux ranges and ovens can deliver phenomenal results with little effort.  See how it works 
More brands are including meat probes with ranges and ovens. Maybe even yours did! It usually is bundled with the owners manual, so if you can figure out where you stashed that, you might find yours taped onto it!

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