Hello VIVO!



Who needs a genie in a bottle when you have Susan Nackers Ludwig of  VIVO to design your home!?!




The owners of this Linden Hills rambler had started their project with a wish list, some photos & magazine clippings. One very intriguing picture in their stack showed the inside of a genie’s magic lamp.  It seems to me their wishes were well granted because this home is absolutely alive with bold colors & brilliant design solutions.


The home was designed to fit & celebrate the client’s beautifully bright art collection. The desired expansion of their kitchen eliminated space for a formal dining room which led to a magical dining solution in the lavender living room. Eastvold Furniture built an elegant coffee table mechanically reminiscent of the Danish Elevator table that raises & expands into a full dining table.

VIVO Architecture & Design: Susan Nackers Ludwig & Eric Ludwig


Photo Credits: Susan Gilmore Photography


  1. Araya Jensen, CKD, CBD · · Reply

    What a fun space!

    1. I agree! Emily is so good at finding the best spaces!

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