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Made in Minnesota {Oh Dier}

Oh Dier  is the Minnesotan way to say, ” I love this stuff,  ALL OF IT.”  This fun, Minnesota loving husband and wife team say they are excellent at many things, among them worrying, working too hard and vintage shopping. – Sound like locals to me. Advertisements

Made in Minnesota {Bespoke Custom Furnishings}

When I see people take off their glasses, put their face to the wall and then begin to pet that wall, I cannot help but wonder what on earth is going on. Apparently Bespoke is what’s going on and this is fairly common practice outside their showroom at International Market Square.

A Few Words for the Twin Cities

. . It should come as no surprise that I love Minnesota. After all, that IS why we started this blog. Check out a few fun art pieces I found honoring our great place!  Get out there and it enjoy it! HAPPY WEEKEND! .