Behind the Design {Design Orange}

Last Wednesday, we met Jada Schumacher, founder of Design Orange, here.

Today, this local Twin Cities talent shares a few professional insights, inspirations and a peek into her process!


Stay current and nourish your creative self.
Museum hopping is an exquisite luxury.
See contemporary art and outrageous performances. Go to concerts. Watch movies.
Walk through boutiques and touch nice fabrics.
Travel in your own town. Travel somewhere far away. Travel somewhere that smells like curry or anise or dirt or honey.

Since I love doing all of these things anyway, I think that it adds to my design process in both tangible and intangible ways. I may be subtly influenced by a blanket I saw in Peru a decade ago or by the end credits of a film I saw this month at the budget mid-century modern Riverview Theater in Minneapolis.


Fashion ~ think the lines and progressive fabrics of Juan Carlos Obando

Juan Carlos Obando – Spring 2011 Collection

~ shocking pink silhouettes of Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli via Saatchi Online Magazine

Elsa Schiaparelli via Saatchi Online Magazine

Minimalist Art ~ the atmospheric hues of Donald Judd and the abstract shapes of Ellsworth Kelly

Modernist Architecture ~ the bookplated marbles of Mies van der Rohe

The Barcelona Pavillion via Who Talking

Barcelona Pavillion via: Alecia Stevens

~ magenta courtyards of Luis Barragán

Cuadra san Cristobal, Los Clubes, 1966-68
Luis Barragan
via: Design Museum

Casa eduardo Prieto Lopez, Mexico City
Luis Barragan
via: ouno


Explore. Ponder. Sketch. ReSketch as needed. Scan into computer. Edit. Overlay. Play. Create. Produce.

(ok, so those are not her words but really…it is very organic and often lengthy, so I am sparing you every detail)

Concept Sketch

More sketches

Coaster ~ Work in Progress

Individual Cougar Sketch

These images offer a glimpse into the wacky process of creating aesthetically appealing patterns to cover up milk burped up by babies. (YES, she also produced a line of FUN and HIP burp clothes – so versatile!)

I juggled in-country production to end up with a sustainable product with a smaller carbon footprint. My process – from initial ideation through product production – took longer than it takes to birth a living breathing baby. {Drippy, messy fun!}


James Turell’s Sky Pesher at Walker Art Center Lawn

via: Walker Blogs
by: Justin Heideman


Ramsey County Courthouse ~

GORGEOUS!  Thank you for sharing!  We are excited to see more your inspirations & products!

Watch for Part III & a giveaway on M.A.D. LOVE  next week!



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