Spring Garden ~ Calm & Serene

Hi!  Susan here of Susan E. Brown Interior Design. I’m back with PART 2 of my Spring Garden color post for you!.

Let’s focus on the “feel” of your garden, which is always one of the first questions I ask with interiors.  How do you want your garden to feel? Lively and bright with pops of color?  Or…calming and serene with the feel of an escape from the world?


For a calmer, more serene garden, you would want to select your colors from the same side of the color wheel.  Think monochromatic.  Group deep purples, lavenders, sky blues, and fuchsias together.  For a softer, more pastel feel, group whites, yellows, peaches, pinks, and lavenders together.

Good combinations would be:

  1. Leonard Messel pearl pink Magnolia shrubs combined with sky blue Grape Hyacinths.  So feminine!
2.   Pink and white Magnolias together.  Soft colors while keeping the texture and shape the same creates a more calming effect.
3.   How about the many shades of the annual Sweet Alyssum in white, pink, and lavender all grouped together!
Of course, white is the most heavily scented one, so it would be fabulous to incorporate it into the garden bestowing a little aromatherapy in your spa-like garden.  In addition, you could add a few white or light blue Pansies for variety


Don’t forget there is always foliage to use in and around all of your colorful plantings highlighting, contrasting, and complementing your selections.  Ferns, ornamental grasses, and ground covers such as wild ginger and pachysandra can add strength and a sense of foundation to your garden.  They are also an additional way to bring some contrast in leaf shape to your colorful flora, or to separate colors you aren’t crazy about together.

Start planting the garden of your dreams!!

See Part 1: Pops of Color !!!

Susan Brown is a regular contributor on COLOR to our blog. You can read more of her posts here.

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