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It seems I have been doing interior design all my life.  Growing up, my mother had every interior design and fashion magazine possible around the house. I spent countless hours perusing through these periodicals. Little did I know then, that I was absorbing furniture and accessory placement, color synthesis, texture, line and how they all come together to form a unified and fabulous look. My mother never pursued interior design on a professional basis, but I spent many days watching her arrange, rearrange, add, and subtract components in her home. I observed and observed.

What are you favorite 3 things to do/places to go in the Twin Cities?

What are 3 things you can not live without?

Sorry have to say four:  Shelter magazines, family, pets, girlfriends

What is your guilty pleasure?
Buying expensive shoes at full price, watching two movies in a row, daydreaming.
Honestly, I don’t really feel too guilty about much–rationalization goes a long way!
My interior design work is a reflection of the importance of integrating unlike elements within a designed environment, as well as creating a unified space that also functions to meet the personal needs of each client whether that need is sticking to the same morning ritual even though the Master Bath has been been turned upside down and redesigned, or making sure Grandma’s turquoise vase is incorporated into the living room plan. We are all strongly affected by our surroundings whether we are aware of it or not. I believe the success of each designed space is important because it strongly affects one’s happiness, productivity, and sense of fulfillment.


What would people be surprised to know about you?
Before engaging my creative side fully, I was in the technical end of fabrics designing a lab and incorporating quality assurance methods within manufacturing at an industrial textile mill, and before that, researching new stain prevention chemical treatments for automotive fabrics.

ALL a huge help today in working with fabrics we can fully live with in our homes!

  What is your biggest pet peeve?

Beating around the bush–just come out and say it already (of course with tact please)!  By the way, I’m still working on this one too.

Who is your favorite artist and why?
Super difficult question as being immersed in and around creativity daily!  However, as a former handmade paper artist myself, I am always taken aback in awe at Erika Spitzer Rasmussen.
I have known her for many years and never tire gazing at her art.  Her artwork incorporates many ideals near and dear to my heart — the female form, texture, fiber, nature, and reuse.
Susan received her B.S. in Textile Science and my M.A. in Applied Design from the University of Minnesota. Her thesis focus, not surprisingly, was “Integrative Interruptions in Color Relationships.”


  1. Great interview – interesting/thought-provoking responses from a fascinating woman. I “got to know” Susan while living in Minneapolis in the late ’80s-’90s. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as vivacious or with the same joie de vivre. So happy to see her find success in a career that allows her to express all her talents and realize her dreams. Congratulations, Susan!

    1. Alison, I have to agree with you 100%! I “met” susan online first, then in person at an event just last fall. The more I know her, the more I like her. A real person with amazing talents and great energy. We are excited she is a part of our contributing team this year!

      1. Michelle! I am so thrilled we met too! Thank you for your wonderful compliments! I love your energy, personality, and genuineness (is that a word?). I so look forward to growing our working relationship — I think it will be an awesome one!! Hope to see you soon!!! Susan

    2. We love her too!

    3. Alison! I can’t believe I just saw this comment today while looking for some past wordings! I must need to change my settings. What can I say? Thank you, I am sooo touched by your words, they mean so much coming from you! Hope to talk with you soon via Skype. Now that I have a child going to college in the fall, I really need to get that account going! XOXO Susan

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  3. […] Susan Brown is a regular contributor on COLOR to our blog. You can read more of her posts here. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInStumbleUponDiggEmailMorePrintRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  4. […] Susan Brown is a regular contributor on COLOR to our blog. You can read more of her posts here. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInStumbleUponDiggEmailMorePrintRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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