{REWIND} for the love of … POTTERY





“The ceramic ware made by potters. Pottery is one of the oldest human technologies and art forms, and remains a major industry today. Pottery is made by forming a clay body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln to induce reactions that lead to permanent changes.” – Wikipedia

The Twin Cities is blessed with many ceramics artists… Here is 1 of my favorites!


Teal Striped Bottle - Jan Bilek

I discovered Jan Bilek’s ceramic work last spring at NEMAA‘s Art-A-Whirl.  The feeling that came over me when I walked into her studio in the Northrup King Building was natural joy.  Her pieces felt organic yet perfect as the same time. The finish & colors reminded me of  quiet sunsets on Lake Pepin in the summer…like home.


Flower Bowl - Jan Bilek


I saw a lot of art that day … these stuck with me!


Gourd Still Life - Jan Bilek

The serene mix of cool and warm color melded just right, sort of like she knew I was coming and made them just for me.  I am pretty sure I touched every piece. I even went back before I left to see if there was anything I missed the first time.

Flowering Cabbage Trio - Jan Bilek

I still haven’t purchased anything from her.  Maybe I am afraid my son would accidentally break it but it is more likely that I just can’t decide where to start!

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