The Art of Trompe

Last Wednesday we  began our November feature by chatting with Carter Averbeck of Trompe Decorative Finishes. The scope or Trompe’s repertoire is vast and the scale ranges from a single panel to an entire church restoration. Enjoy & explore some of my favorite projects and creative finishes.

What do you do with a million glass beads?

Photography: Lynn Pirkl


Photography: Greg Page

Photography: Greg Page

Sculptural Walls at Camp Night Club.

Photography: Alec Smith

Photography: Greg Page

Trompe l'oeil detail

Church of the Holy Redeemer. Marshall, MN

Venetian plaster

Photography: Greg Page

I have always been determined to make a unique career in art through murals, decorative wall finishes & interior design concepts in conjunction with Interior Designers, Architects and Builders. Many of the stereotypes about artists are dispelled in our talented group at Trompe. Yes, we are creative, but we are also organized, service oriented, goal driven and work extremely well with others in the field of design as team players. Each artist that works with Trompe has the freedom to express their innate talents on projects where those skills will shine best and the client ultimately loving the results. We have a passion for what we do and it shows,……That’s what our clients and associated love best about us. A new motto was coined last year by a fantastic associate of ours; she said – “Anything paint can do, you guys can do better!” ….that was a fabulous compliment by her and a truism for us. – Carter Averbeck

Hammermade storefront.

W Hotel Minneapolis (Photography: Greg Page)

Venetian Plaster

Sabbia technique in plaster

Glass Bead Finish

D'Amico Kitchens at Le Meridien Hotel (Photography: Greg Page)

Custom Mirror Finish at Parma Restaurant.

Next week: Part 3- At Home with Trompe

Want more? Check out their official website or visit their page on Facebook


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