Behind the Design {Ernest Miller}

I am more than happy to share with you this truly talented artist, who turns soft lumps of porcelain into stunning classic heirlooms.

After dabbling in various art mediums in college, Ernest Miller found that his passion lies in the never ending exploration of material and glaze that is porcelain clay.

As Ernest describes it,

“It can look as soft as plants or as hard as metal, the surface can be turned into anything.”

Vessel by Ernest Miller

Ernest is always trying to create a truly unique body of work, here is how he does it:

His process starts with mixing his own porcelain clay.  He then molds each piece into traditional shapes and forms, each showing a sense of visual volume, presenting the importance of a STRONG shape (prior to glazing).

Initially firing the raw piece, the glazing process can begin.  After custom making his own glazes, which he typically tests from 100-300 glazes (on test tiles) per year, Ernest is sure to create a piece that is beyond ordinary.

Test Tiles

Best known for his crystalline glazes which Ernest says he likes for their always changing properties and sense of depth.  Below you can see some of his newest pieces which have been transitioning away from the crystalline glazes to something with a little more of a satin finish, yet the depth in color and texture still remain.

Pieces with new glazes

Ernest says his work doesn’t have a huge message, he just takes details that are around him every day and puts those details into his work.

“At the end of the day it is most important for me to sell my work yet maintain the respect of my peers.”

Q. What advice do you have for artists just starting out?

Only take advice from those who are living their dream.  A lot of people are willing to give advice but the most useful advice will only come from those who are doing what they want to be doing.

Success is knowing how to fail.

Misc. Art

Q. What is your favorite place in the Twin Cities?

MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Art) I go at least 3-4 times per year.  It is a great place to go, get inspiration and see their new collections.

I also like to bike the beautiful trails, finding old industrial buildings and exploring the area.

Find More:

You can learn from the artist himself at one of his ceramics classes.  More info. here.

You can find Ernest Miller in his studio during Art Attack November 4th-6th.

His work can also be shown at the following galleries around the country.

Haven Gallery  Austin, TX

Rogue Buddha Gallery  Minneapolis, MN

ZuCot Gallery  Atlanta, GA

Waters of Superior  Duluth, MN

The Grand Hand Gallery  St. Paul, MN

Fired Up Studios Gallery  Minneapolis, MN

Art Resources Gallery  Minneapolis, MN

Minnetonka Art Center Gift Gallery  Wayzata, MN

Kings Furniture Store  Olney, IL 618-393-6282

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