Wood From the Hood

Wood From The Hood produces high quality lumber and other wood products from the Twin Cities area “Urban Forest“.  By reclaiming trees in our local area, they can produce high quality products from a sustainable resource and take one more step towards environmentally sensitive building and remodeling. They are collecting and milling local trees that would otherwise be turned into mulch or firewood and turn it into all sorts of creative things.

Rick Siewert, Cindy Siewert, Jonathan Buck

They offer custom kiln drying, and milling to your specifications in addition to stock lumber and flooring.  Unique projects utilizing thick, thin, book matched and wide single boards are our specialty. Products from flooring to millwork, furniture, mantles, picture frames, cutting boards and artistic wood crafting are only some of the uses for this rich resource that until recently, may have been in front of your home.

All of the lumber can be tracked to the zip code where it was harvested from. In special cases it can be tracked to a specific address.

Project:Silverwood Park Visitor Center

Wood From The Hood collected the logs that were cleared from the parkland and processed it into dried lumber. The Park District took that wood to their own shop and produced the unique and beautiful paneling that is installed on the walls of the visitor center.

Conference Table for the Seward Coop in Minneapolis.





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