Behind the Design {Candice Simpson}

“When I am working on a project, time ceases to exist”



… just a couple ways to describe Candice Simpson.

Candice Simpson started dreaming of becoming an artist when she was  a child.  Like many artists she thought this was just a dream, until she decided to try her hand at decorative painting.  Through an intense schedule of  time honored decorative finishing technique courses at the Decorating Masters Institute, Candice knew she had found her niche.

Image via Textural Hues

Image via Textural Hues

Now her company Textural Hues  is well know for her painting, not only on walls but mediums such as furniture,  cabinetry and virtually anything she can get her paintbrush on.  Along with her talent in decorative finishing Candice also paints refreshing works of art on canvas via Breeze.

Lily Pads in Venetian III by Candice Simpson

Cinque Terre Magic by Candice Simpson

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being able to use different medium in unexpected ways.  Recently I have been using cork and shell plasters.  I enjoy layering colors in my work especially calming colors such as the blues of the ocean.

How do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from each new client, I am so lucky to work on so many unique projects.  I am also inspired by the  simple joys of life, joys that can belong to us no matter what: a breeze, a shadow, the way light shimmers on a leaf.


Image via Breeze Art

Jane-Marie with Embellishments Design Studio had been looking for the perfect artwork for the space for a while.  Candice’s work was introduced to her by Stephanie Weber of Artful Decor and the search was over.   They worked on a custom piece for the birthing room inspired by a previous piece she had been commissioned to do called Mangrove in Moonlight.   This piece, in my opinion, is so perfect for the space in that it has the elements of calm, healing and even growth all elements essential in a birthing room.

Ginko Rain Patina by Breeze Art

In Candice’s words:

“This was a project that was really,really    special to me.  While I don’t have any children of my own, when I am creating a painting it is like MY child.  It is truly an honor to have a piece of me (my artwork) in a space that is all about new mothers and their babies – a space of wellness and healing.”

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  1. Love Candice’s decorative painting! She has worked on many of my residential projects!

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