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Earlier this week, we introduced our September’s Featured Project, Health Foundation Family Health & Birth Center. Yesterday we interviewed designer Jane-Marie Bloomberg. And today, in SHOP LOCAL we are chatting with Stephanie Weber of Artful Decor.



Q: How did you get started in art?

I loved making art since I was in second grade, but it was not a strong talent for me.  I have always had an appreciation however. 

I started as a business major in college, but changed my course to Design once I took Introduction to Design as an elective.  I graduated form UW-Madison and the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  I was looking for a career that was flexible when my children were young and I found it as an Art Consultant and later as a business owner training Art Consultants.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

Art can be interpreted in so many different ways depending on the viewer’s point of reference.  We wanted to be sure that the art would be appealing to all the women who would be using the birthing rooms.

Q: How long did the process take? What steps are involved in a public space project? How is that different from a residential home?

The process took a few months.  The image search took a few weeks.  The owner decided she wanted to work with Candice when she saw a sample of her work.  Once the artist was chosen, we chose the images.  This process took a few hours with the designer the artist and myself collaborating.  Then budgets were considered and pricing calculated for the custom reproductions chosen.  Color samples were printed for review by the designer and the owner.  After the final decisions were made, printing, finishing and installation took less than a month.

The steps can vary greatly for a public space project depending on who the decision makers are and the scope of the project.   We ask the important questions to find the design objectives, budget and time frame for the project.  Many questions and a lot of listening to drill down to the final choices.  It is important to know the decision makers’ priorities.  For example, what is most important, the use of the space, the design concept or the budget? 

This type of project differs from a residential one because it is less of an emotional decision since it is for a business, not their personal space.  There are usually more decision makers with a public space project.

Q:What is your favorite element in this space?

My favorite element in this space is the Mangrove grouping that hangs above the love seat in one of the birthing rooms.  It is peaceful and complex.  There is something new to see every time you look at it.

Q: Who is your favorite Twin Cities based-artist? Why?

Not fair!  There are so many, it really depends on the project.


TOMORROW part 4 of 4 Behind the Design with Candice Simpson

Photos Courtesy: Gwendolyn Waite Photography

Stephanie Weber graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a BA in Design and has always had a flair for design and cutting edge trends in the art industry. Her comprehensive course of study included a year of undergraduate work at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City’s “Garment District”. Studying under famous designers, Stephanie refined her eye for Art and Design before returning to Madison to finish her Degree. Working in Chicago as an Assistant Designer for such noted Designers as Zaharof and the Embellishments label, Stephanie desired to match her profession passion with her personal passion for family.

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