Photographing Fall Colors

5 Tips to Photograph Fall Colors

 Valerie Jardin of Valerie Jardin Photography


Fall in Minnesota is a glorious time! Everyone wants to capture this fleeting time of the year before the first snow.

Here are a few tips to help you photograph the beauty that autumn has to offer, whether you are using a camera phone, a point & shoot or a DSLR.

1- Donʼt pick a bright sunny afternoon, colors will be washed off and your results will be disappointing. An overcast day will give you more brilliant colors. You can also shoot during the golden hours (within the hour that follows sunrise or precedes sunset.)

2- Donʼt try to capture it all, pay attention to details and isolate your subject with a shallow depth of field.

3- If you photograph a landscape, chose an interesting foreground such as a tree stump or prairie grass. It will add interest to your picture.

4- Want to try something different? Look for reflections in water or in buildings!

5. Look for other elements of interest in nature to add to your composition, such as lines or repeating patterns of birch trees for example.

Have fun & Tell us about your shots!

***Valerie contributes regular posts to this blog as our Guest & is a professional photographer located in Minnesota. She is also a regular contributor for Digital Photography School online magazine based in Australia***

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  1. More AMAZING photos Valerie! You are very talented. Thank you for sharing tips to help us all strive to your level!

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