Featured Project {Health Foundation Family Heath & Birth Center}

When you are thinking about starting a family, have you ever really thought about where you plan to deliver the baby?

Most people here in Minnesota may automatically think, I am going to have my baby at this hospital or that hospital.

Today, I encourage you to “THINK AGAIN!”

Thinking about hospitals…they kind of feel cold and uninviting, don’t they?

You are in bed all alone, (your husband is standing off to the side) with scratchy hospital sheets and a ton of monitors all around, white blank walls. You sort of know your doctor. Nurses change every shift & visit you EVERY HOUR.

Does this sound like a peaceful or comfortable way to bring a wonderful new life in the world?


… a warm home like space with a comfortable living room for waiting family

Photo Courtesy: Gwendolyn Wait Photography

… a queen size bed so that your husband can lay down with you to help or to hold.

… warm toned finishes, a soaker bathtub and beautiful art.

Photo Courtesy: Gwendolyn Waite Photography

Photo Courtesy: Gwendolyn Waite Photography

Don’t forget your mid-wife!

You know her well as she has spent an hour with you at every appointment for the past 9 months. You almost feel like family by the time you reach the birth. You also go home to your own bed to sleep around 4 hours after the birth and are awoken by your new little wonder of joy.


Sounds like a wonderful way to bring your adorable new baby into the world, doesn’t it?

If you are a low risk candidate (I say this because, sadly I am high-risk and cannot enjoy this wonderful experience) you should really check out The Health Foundation, Family Health & Birth Center.

Stop in and set up a meeting with one of the mid-wives, Amy Johnson-Grass or Cheryl Anderson Heitkmap.

Amy is the founder/owner of the birthing center and she is truly a wonderful person. Her  commitment to her profession and patients is truly amazing. She has worked tirelessly the last few years to bring the birthing center concept to Minnesota by working to get birthing center licensing passed at the state level, which she and a few others did in 2010. This allowed her to open Health Foundation in St. Paul on Grand Avenue.

Photo Courtesy: Gwendolyn Waite Photography

It is in a wonderful old house filled with warm people and an inviting atmosphere. The interior space was designed by Jane-Marie Bloomberg of Embellishments Design Studio. (More on that tomorrow!)

There is a Chiropractor specifically on hand to adjust mom and baby AND the Blooma Yoga’s St. Paul location doubles as the community center for birthing classes and mom’s groups.


Photo Courtesy: Gwendolyn Waite Photography

Enjoy the images, stop by their websites and if you are thinking about having a child, I highly recommend looking into Health Foundation and the birthing center option.

I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour!

TOMORROW Part 2 of 4! – Behind the Design with Jane-Marie Bloomberg of Embellishments Design Studio.


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