Competition {Fusion + Fashion}

Eek! You only have 2 weeks to register a design for this year’s most exciting fashion show! Not a designer, no worries. Anyone can submit a design and join in the fun! (Sculptors to students have submitted in the past… so don’t be intimidated) If you don’t know what Fusion + Fashion read on to learn more about this fun evening!

I’ll give you a little history, let’s rewind 6 years.

IIDA Northland (International Interior Design Association) had this wonderful cocktail party called Fusion. It was held in the fall where a lot of designers and sales reps would get all dressed up and hang out for the night.
This party had been going on for a number of years and the board of directors 5 years ago thought it needed a little life brought back into it as the number of people attending were less and less each year.

Someone on that board had the genius idea to do a fashion show where the designers must design and make the clothing themselves out of whatever materials they choose.


Photo Courtesy: JL Lundstrom Photography

The event is now Fusion + Fashion and this is the 5th year of the event.

Each year has brought more people, press and hoopla. Not to mention some very interesting fashion mostly from materials we use in our professional life. You know like, carpet, wall covering and wood veneer oh and there was that one year with the dress completely made out of zip ties!

Photo Courtesy: JL Lundstrom Photography

Put your thinking cap on and get that sewing machine, glue gun or stapler out to join in the fun.


Registrations for the fashion show due: October 7th (October is only 1.5 weeks away! I know, really!?)  Show date is November 4th

Catagories this year:

  • Best of Show
  • Best Presentation
  • Most Wearable
  • Most Unique Materials
  • Most Avant Garde
  • Best Use of Zero Landfill

Oh and one other thing…. this is a great place to propose for those of you guys or gals looking for a unique idea! I speak from experience as that is how my husband proposed. Imagine a 40-year-old man strutting down the runway with a very cool, long, sleeveless coat made of upholstery fabric and my name on the front of his shirt with ‘marry me’ on the back. He did a few flashes for the crowd at the end of the runway….which garnered him a whole lot of cheering… that coupled with his boyish good looks and new tattoo got him a lot of attention. And me to say yes.


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