Bits of Inspiration {Handbags}

 Gone are the days of mismatched handbags and shoes.  

Growing up I was always taught to match my handbag, shoes and belt.  Clearly that rule went away, for a while, but it’s coming back in style this fall; along with matching nail polish and lipstick.  


Leather handbags are on trend for this fall; a deviation from fabric handbags seen in recent years.

bc designs - BETTE Cognac

J.W. Hulme Co. - Fairmount Satchel Handbag

Urban Junket – convertible tote – t.o.t.e. (large) / chocolate


If you are looking to update your wardrobe & prefer to stay away from the heavy leather. Stick with fabric but look for ones that are weaved, like this local finds.

ao3designs – Fuchsia pink silk KNOT clutch


I was a bit surprised to see was the comeback of long straps on handbags.  I can’t remember the last time I had one of these, but I tried one on for size and I must say it’s quite comfortable.  

Urban Junket - miss malik kisslock bag // grass

J.W.Hulme Co. - Legacy Shoulder Handbag


The Story of Louise - Messenger in Slate


There is also a lot of color blocking in women’s fashion so it’s no surprise that you’ll see it in handbags as well.  Color blocking can consist of several color blockings on one item of clothing or solid colors in an outfit.  For Example….

Christopher Straub Spring/Summer 2011


ao3designs - Black silk and antiqued silver metallic leather

Color Trends you ask?

Traditional fall colors are in full swing along with Bordeaux and purple/eggplant colors.

POST – Bramante Ostrich Violetta Large Day Bag


I’m all for these trends! People are constantly pointing out that I’m matchy-matchy. 

Hmmm what a concept?

Guess I’m just “trendy”!

Check back as our FASHION posts grow with more from SUSIE soon!

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