A Green Affair {Vinyl with a Cause}

Who knew your old vinyl could be recycled into such functional, fancy pieces? 

Meet Vinyl Afterlife.  They re-use warped, scratched and left over vinyl records and album jackets from local record shops.

Maggie May 2010 Album jacket mosaic 24x24

I met Paul at the Sustainable Revolution Project non-profit Art-A-Whirl event this summer where he was selling his coasters sets.  They work for hot and cold beverages (I bought 2!) plus, they’re great conversation pieces.

Coasters, set of 10 with holder

They also produce various sizes of notebooks and wall art, but their most recent project will be designing decorations, supplying party favors and selling merchandise at the People Serving People “Heart and Soul Gala” that will take place at Nicollet Island Pavilion on Saturday, September 24.  A non-profit supporting, environmentally friendly art company?  You must check them out…

Sketch books. 6x9in. Album jacket spiral bound to 50 sheets of drawing paper

Evening City 2010 Album jacket mosaic 10x30

Vinyl Afterlife will do custom orders for you if you have a record or record sleeve you want repurposed.  Think gifts for family, friends, kids or co-workers!

Thank you to our #ecomonday sponsor!

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