{mmm} Happily Ever After


{mmm}: Happily Ever After

This month my cousin is getting married. I need a gift.

Something Simple. Something Thoughtful. Something Local.


You may or may not be surprised at how hard it is to buy a wedding gift for your cousin and his new wife!

Although I have known Jeff for over 30 years, I don’t really “KNOW” him, nor do I “KNOW” his wife.  Sure, I’ve met her. I like her. I went to high school with her sisters….still, WHAT DO YOU GIVE THEM FOR THEIR WEDDING GIFT!?!?!

Monograms are always appropriate, right?

Everyone needs new coasters, these are pretty.

What about these fun scrabble necklaces?  You can make any word you want, maybe even add the date of the wedding?


Maybe they’d like some bed linens?  

Who am I kidding?

They probably want something practical or REALLY COOL like these!

Frog Pendant

After MUCH searching………..I FOUND IT!

Seems appropriate, like something I would give, local & a great way to honor their union!  Now, I need to get it ordered and get a cool frame like this one!



***Congratulations to Karrie & Jeff!***


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