Made in Minnesota {FloraFauna}

Meet the local artist behind Summit Brewing’s 25th Anniversary collectable wares.

This year marked Summit Brewing‘s 25th year as a well known and loved St. Paul craft brewer.  In appreciation to their loyal fans Summit will be hosting an anniversary celebration this Saturday (Sept. 10th) at their brewery.   My husband is a huge fan of Summit’s beer along with beer related art so naturally I had to purchase this fantastic poster (along with tickets to the party).

My hubby and I were so impressed with the poster I thought I would do a little more research into the design.

Paul Gardner of FloraFauna

This lead me to Paul Gardner of FloraFauna and a vast collection of his visual treasures.  Not only did I learn of  Paul’s talent with his creative branding, I learned that he has also designed some spectacular posters for bands such as Wilco, Tapes ‘n Tapes and Spoon.  And to top it off, he is also based right here in the Twin Cities.

Born and raised in Minnesota Paul Gardner says he has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember.  He took his fine art skills and pursued a degree in graphic design which lead to a career designing for such brands as Best Buy and Target.

He then took his skills and experiences and branched out and started his own brand FloraFauna.  Paul says the inspiration for the name…

“May have been named to describe the symbolism of working with the client in a constant creative cycle similar to that of plants and animals depending on each other for survival”

…or maybe it was his friend’s suggestion that the name Flora Fauna “just sounds good”.

Either way this local creative genius has hit the mark when it comes to creativity, branding and business.

I must say, after speaking with him and learning more about his creative process it seemed so natural and is definitely something he was born to do.  Especially since part of his creative process consists of listening to as much of his clients music as possible until inspiration ensues.

Most of Paul’s answers to my questions related to his process began with, “It just feels right”… and ended with “And then I work non stop until it is perfect.”

I also wanted to know what his secret was to keeping his designs so fresh, modern, and in my opinion, trend setting.  He  said he starts with basic principals and always takes it a bit further.  In regards to the musical groups he works with Paul says, “I listen to their music (for as long as it takes to get THE FEELING)  and then form the designs from what I think the music looks like… in an abstract way.”

For more on Paul Gardner and Flora Fauna check out his website at


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