Rewind {Bionic Unicorns are MAGICAL}

First posted on Feb. 6th, this month’s REWIND is a favorite of mine! A custom piece from her is on my wish list for this year! I love to visit her Etsy shop every now and again to see what is new!


Meet my new obsession…. Bionic Unicorn & Kristin Berwald.  She is a formally trained artist of many medias & has found her calling in jewelry. We discovered her and her creations after she started to follow us on Twitter.  Look at what we found when we visited her website!


Squid Ink Earrings - Black Chain Fringe Green Turquoise Beads Bohemian Tribal

Ocean Flower Steampunk Necklace - Watch Gear Aqua Blue Enamel Antiqued Silver Dreampunk

Swan Princess Statement Necklace - Vintage Enamel Flower Faux Pearl Multi Chain Rhinestone

“Bionic Unicorn features handmade costume jewelry in styles of steampunkneo victorian, woodland, dreampunk, and nature inspired. I specialize in creating unique steampunk jewelry with enamel flowers and romantic elements. My designs are eco friendly, as I use as many vintage and recycled components as possible. Almost every piece of jewelry in my shop is one of a kind, so you are sure to have a unique statement piece. Dreampunk is the name I created for my style of steampunk, featuring feminine whimsy and enamel flowers with fairytale and nature inspired themes.”  Kristin Berwald

Lucky in Love Necklace - Green Heart Keyhole Antiqued Brass Chain

Daffodil Coquette Steampunk Necklace - Enamel Flower Watch Gear Pastel Dreampunk

Precious Meadow Flower Steampunk Necklace - Vintage Silver Clock Enamel Watch Gear Lime Green Dreampunk Collage Assemblage

Find her on FacebookTwitter

Check out her interview with City Pages.

Shop online too!

Although I fancy myself a pretty cool girl, I had NO idea what Steampunk was nor had I ever heard of it. The research for this post has made me just a bit more “hip”.

Now, I’m talking to people about Dreampunk & bionic unicorns! Who knew!

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