Get to Know {Emily Little}


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What are your favorite 3 things to do/ places to go in the Twin Cities?

1. Love the Sculpture Park

2. Love to wander. Check out the view from the Guthrie Gold room & Endless Bridge, then meander across the Stone Arch bridge to people/dog watch & if it’s Saturday stop by the Mill City Farmer’s Market.

3. Love Brasa Restaurant. In Saint Paul or Minneapolis. It’s the best place to try new things because everything is delicious. Seriously…try anything.

What 3 things you can not live without?

In 3rd grade they told me the answer is food, water & shelter but I’m pretty attached to my family, my chapstick and my cell phone if we’re speaking in less life & death terms.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Project Runway. Especially when they have one day to design & sew a dress out of wierd materials like candy wrappers, grocery items or dog toys. Pure crazy.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I can drive a zamboni and have an atlas fetish.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

The flop-slap noise of flip flops.

Fax machines and their noises are also a pet peeve. Seems pretty old-school. Can we just recycle them and move on already?

Who is your favorite artist & why?

I love architects’ sketches. The more preliminary the better. The energy & possibility of such preliminary work is often intoxicating. Here are some favorites…Ralph Rapson, Tado Ando & Renzo Piano.


  1. yes…those are real farmers market tomatoes. well done farmers. they were tasty.

    1. This weather makes me want some fresh chili! Yum!

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