Behind the Design {Amy Rice}

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Rice in her North East Minneapolis studio.   It was an amazingly bright  space filled with her uplifting artwork and a few personal touches.

But it really was getting to know the person behind the artwork that shined!

She is as friendly as her work would suggest.


We spoke about Amy’s childhood growing up on a dairy farm in South West Wisconsin and continued with her journey to the Twin Cities where she received her degree in Sociology.

Afterward, she found herself going back to her roots as she followed her calling to become a vegetable farmer in Northern Wisconsin.  This is where she began selling her small works of art along with her produce at the local farmers market.

To her surprise the art sold better than the veggies and the start of her childhood dream to be a full time artist was blossoming.   

SO….. Amy decided to move back to the Twin Cities area where she would show her work at local coffee shops and galleries.

Be Proud of What You Nurture and Grow

Be Proud of What You Nurture and Grow by Amy Rice

              “My work is very autobiographical, even though most of the people in my pieces have dark hair.”  (Amy is blonde)

Amy also said that she is “Very rooted”.   With her pieces ranging from hand painted flowers, chickens, cows and children holding vegetables, I think this statement is the perfect way to describe her art.


Amy started working with oil pastels and moved to larger pieces on wood and other found objects.  These days Amy and her boyfriend can be found at thrift stores and antique shops just about every weekend searching for her next “canvas”.

Globes. Image via Amy Rice

Image via Amy Rice


As for her favorite piece of work, Amy says “My most recent work is my favorite.”  Amy is currently working on a series of ship pieces inspired by a trip to British Columbia.  She will be showing again in Cananda where the theme of the show is “Finding a sense of direction” -which ironically Amy says she has no sense of [direction]!

Your Letters Have Been The Wind In My Sails by Amy Rice

Set an Open Course by Amy Rice


You can also find her and friend and fellow artist Jennifer Davis locally in The Historic Minnesota Building 46 4th Street East in Downtown St. Paul.

Delightful 3, a Pop-Up Art Gallery, Works by Jennifer Davis and Amy Rice

4 Days Only:

Wednesday, September 14, 4-9pm

Thursday, September 15, 8am-6pm

Friday, September 16, 8am- 9pm, Reception 6-9pm

Saturday, September 17, 8am-6pm


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