{mmm}: Puppy Power 

Inspired by my son’s 3rd birthday & his fulfilled gift request

The addition to our family has also prompted the “theme” for this month’s mission – PUPPIES!

Can you tell I am super disappointed 😉  I am excited to share my local Twin Cities “puppy finds”!!!


Meet Halvie!


Three years ago this month I was blessed with my fantastic son, Gabe.  He has improved my life in so many ways, including the fact that I now get to plan fun parties for his birthday!   This year I gave in to my parents & gave them the “green light” on a puppy!



Take your time, no need to rush…

After you are done oo00000o-ing and awwww-ing, come see what I have found!



I know it is a tad untraditional to have cheesecake for a birthday, BUT WHY NOT!

The name & logo are too sweet to handle (a puppy, no less!)

The owner, Tami shares my son’s birthday

The shop is just down the road from our house!

Collection of Retro Dogs – Set/8 Wine Charms



A little something for YOU too!

Requires wine.

Vintage Style is all the rage this season!

Colorful, Cute & did I mention, REQUIRES WINE?




If you know anyone who has a puppy, or dog, they NEED one of these!

Found on Etsy.

Made in Minnesota!

The most adorable idea … EVER, dare I say!

Black Dogcentric - Dog-Tail Leash Holder

Triple - Bow Tie Bones Leash Holder

Flower Power - Dog Tail Leash Holder


I am buying one … or two, my only issue is choosing!

Maybe you can help me? Guidance welcome!


***Happy Birthday Gabey!  I love you Mister Bah Bah!***


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  1. […] This year (and the past few) we do have an artificial tree for the purpose of ease with a toddler and new puppy. […]

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