A Green Affair {regreet}

We are kicking off our #ecomonday feature – A Green Affair with local entrepreneur & all around fantastic woman, Christy Eichers!  I had the pleasure of meeting Christy in early 2010 when she introduced me to her product, REGREET.

regreet was founded on the simple principle: Why not do more with less?

SHARE. regreet greeting card reuse kits make it fun and easy to remember special days or share an inside joke in a chic, easy, eco-friendly way.  It’s like re-gifting with style!

CONNECT.  regreet‘s unique journey code takes reuse from an eco-chore to a fun way to connect online by tracking the journey with an online Google Map.  Send a greeting card hop-along kit with a card you regreet so the recipient can hop the fun along (and you can all watch the journey online!)

GIVE BACK. The tracking code also lets you be part of our “Community Give Back” program.  You can direct the donation to one of our non-profit partners.  Each time a card your register hops along, more “votes” are added to your charity of choice.  Find out more.


Each hop-a-round sets has 12 great quotes or verses to brighten and motivate:

  • INSPIRE – 12 quotes let you touch, motivate, inspire someone you care about
  • FAITH – favorite Bible verses let people connect with their faith and each other
  • FRIENDSHIP – share a laugh or let someone know you appreciate their friendship
  • GRATITUDE – a perfect way to remember to give thanks year-round
  • HOPE – spread hope and increase our donation to the fight against breast cancer

MEET FEZZY WOG ~ Catch & Release
“A great book for kids and grown-ups to share, Catch & Release invites young readers to connect their online activities to active escapades in the world outside their front door. With Fezzy Wog and his friends, kids can learn and explore through new eyes and then use a unique tracking code to share their frogs’ adventures in an online journal, photo album, and travel map”
Christy helped Ryan of http://www.IamMNnice.com launch his new MN365 project!  
GIVE BACK. When you register or track a card, you can be a part of our “Community Give Back” program by voting for one of our non-profit partners.  Each hop on the card’s journey adds votes to your charity.  Learn More
Thank you to our #ecomonday sponsor!

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