25 Years of Fun {Lake Harriet Band Shell}

Congratulations to Bentz/Thompson/Reitow on winning the  AIA 25-year-award for the long standing and much loved Lake Harriet Band Shell.

The award was established by AIA Minnesota in 1981. It recognizes exemplary architectural projects that have withstood the test of time.


Photo courtesy: Bentz/Thompson/Reitow


“The Lake Harriet Band Shell has a positive impact on its surrounding community and is beloved by the city,” read a statement released by the contest’s judges. “It is an icon within the Minneapolis park system in which families and residents can enjoy and create memories.”


Photo courtesy: Flikr


If you haven’t been by to enjoy the area, it is a must stop. A place to linger and enjoy with or without kids.

I live near the lake and walk around it often. The band shell serves as my halfway point for my walk and is a wonderful stopping point for water, ice-cream or even a quick lunch with the new Bread & Pickle located there.

The free concerts and movies also serve as a great date for my husband and I and many others in the neighborhood.

*This project will be featured in the July/August 2011 issue of Architecture Minnesota Magazine.

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