GET TO KNOW {Eco Monday Sponsor – Build Sustainable Homes}


The  Twin Cities’ go-to network, where you can find the green and sustainable resources you’ve been looking for.  Browse their website and you’ll see profiles of each of their local green Pros.  All of the Pros offer a sustainable product or service that will help you add to, improve or maintain the biggest investment of your life, your home.


Build Sustainable Homes Professional Members Must:
  • offer green/sustainable products to choose from in their area of expertise
  • offer a variety of green services and/or specialties
  • be sustainable in their daily internal operations

~ a little note ~

Eco Monday (#ecomonday) started on Twitter by Max Gladwell as a way for Green Tweople (people on twitter) to list their Twitter accounts.

Today ecomonday has evolved not only to recommend people to follow, but also recommending specific web-pages and blogs, as well as recommending eco-businesses.

The Twin Cities is a very conscious community with many green resources.

Each week we  highlight local work and products ~ Thank you to our #EcoMonday Sponsor – Build Sustainable Homes!


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