The ART of Relaxation

“A Man’s Home is His Castle”

(So for women, is their home their retreat?)

How do you feel when you think about your home?

Is it a vision of peacefulness or chaos?

Is it harmony or discord?

Is it a reprieve from the stresses of everyday or the cause of everyday stress?

Great design including lighting, calming colors, relaxing music and aromatherapy can all blend to transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary. Artwork is also an important element in creating relaxing spaces.

Sparrow and Stoll

The bedroom shown here serves to relax through the enhancement of nature in these beautiful floral paintings. This type of environment will rejuvenate and recharge your batteries after a long day in the trenches, whatever that is for you.

In my experience, art has great powers to carry away the stress we carry. One of my favorite quotes is from Picasso, “Art Washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

















Gayle Crummer Interior Design


The right art such as this piece above a fireplace can transport us to another place and time. It is a basic need to create beauty in our environment; even the earliest people on earth adorned their shelters with art.

What are some elements in art that transport us to our happy place?

Water calms the soul instinctively. Water features, water sculptures, paintings and photographs of bodies of water all lower our blood pressure. Speaking to our subconscious, abstract art with cool colors of water affect us on a different level and relax us.

RCC Interiors

The above space uses this cool colored abstract to create a tranquil dining experience at the end of the day.

A home in the trees with a lot of windows brings the outdoors in. Art of nature scenes with trees, lakes, pebbles can take us away to another world, even when we live in an urban setting. Artist Candice Simpson creates images of falling leaves and other nature motifs that serve to calm the viewer.


Candace Simpson

Stephanie Weber is a regular contributor to Twin Cities Design Collective

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  1. I enjoyed the blog topic and was so excited to see the image of my artwork called “Glimpse of Spring”. Thank you, thank you!!!

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