A Green Affair – Sol Inspirations {Finalist #2}




Designers Will Create Three Eco-Friendly Looks Using Non-Traditional Fabrics, Recycled Materials, Sustainable Fabrics. One Look Must Include Solar Panels

Sol InspirationsIgnite Models IncLIMEgreen Events and the Global Eco Organization have announced the 6 talented finalists who will compete in the Sol Inspirations Design Challenge. Each designer will create three looks that will be worn during the Eco-Fashion Gala & Fundraiser on Saturday, April 23rd at The Depot



Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman was a finalist and fan favorite on Season 6 of “Project Runway” and has a BFA in Fashion Design from SAIC in Chicago. He is constantly inspired by the world around him and his interactions with others. He translates emotions received from artwork, music, architecture, literature and nature into his designs. He is committed to domestic production of all goods he works with as well as utilizing either recycled or sustainable fibers in the materials he uses in his designs. In his custom designs, he repurposes as many materials for details as possible.




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