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A Company Immersed In A Passion For Art …
“We specialize in creating customer/designer/architect-inspired, Hand-Painted Art Murals on ANY commercial tile, glass, porcelain and natural stone products, along with wall murals and TrompeL’oeil.   Our expertise is innvation – for residential or commercial projects.
You dream it, we do it.”  -Sheryl VanderPol
Invite Sheryl VanderPol to create for you an exclusive original piece of art – art that is hand-painted and fired on your choice of ceramic tile, glass…or even on porcelain sinks. Sheryl will take your creative inspiration and make your “ordinary” setting extraordinary. We also feature full wall murals and the wonder of artistic illusion via Trompe L’oeil.
Specialities:  Tiles, porcelain sinks, wall murals, and Trompe L’oeil.

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