Guest Blogger Profile – Jill Kelby

Jill Kelby, PT, CEA

Jill Kelby is the president and owner of Kelby Ergo Design, LLC in Eden Prairie, MN.   Kelby Ergo Design, a company developing and delivering strategic solutions to today’s productivity, safety and health issues.

Ms. Kelby has over 18 years of ergonomic and human factors experience in several areas including healthcare, manufacturing and office.  Prior to starting Kelby Ergo Design, she worked for five years as a corporate ergonomist at the second largest healthcare system in Minnesota in which she oversaw and led injury prevention and safe patient handling programs.

She speaks regularly at local and national conferences and industry associations including Safe Patient Handling and Movement Conference, Applied Ergonomics conference and Minnesota Directors of Nursing Association.

Ms. Kelby holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Therapy and is certified by the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists.  Ms. Kelby is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists and American Society for Safety Engineers.

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