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The historic IMS building was home to several innovative and creative pioneers of Minneapolis design.

Built in 1905, the IMS building was modeled after the San Francisco Design Center. Initially, the structure served as the manufacturing facility for Northwestern Knitting. It later housed the headquarters for Munsingwear Inc., a business that transformed the garment industry with its union suit.

In 1985, International Market Square became Minnesota’s largest renovated building, providing the most innovative and celebrated home designs. IMS is the largest home & commercial interior design marketplace in the Upper Midwest. Visitors are invited to explore our more than seventy showroom, studios, shops, galleries, restaurants & other distinct amenities.

  • Award-winning expert interior and home design services
  • Home and office showroom design
  • Kitchen and bath showroom design
  • Lighting showroom and design
  • Designer fabric and textile showrooms
  • Window treatments
  • Flooring showrooms and designer rugs
  • Galleries and studios
  • Business meeting and conference rooms
  • Retail office space leasing options

*Not a design trade professional? You are still welcome to browse and shop International Market Square. To learn how, click here.

Meet Giesla of INKBLOTS!  Her work is both unique & fun!

History of Minneapolis



“I started creating my collages because I love taking pictures and I love learning about why a place is popular or how long a building has been there. I take all of the photos that I use in the collages myself, which is definitely time consuming, but a labor of love. A place’s history is exciting to me along with the stories that go with it. Nothing makes me smile more than when you tell me you’re buying a collage because you got engaged at one of the bars or that your family has had a long running tradition of traveling to a particular area. I learn so much from my customers & I hope I can teach them something new, too. My art is a fusion of my story and your story and that’s what makes it so cool for me. It’s about connecting.”



The Birthplace of Minnesota



A Celebration of St. Paul



A Walk Around The Lakes




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