Product Profiles – laNeva Tile

laNeva Artisan Tile offers 12 glorious lead-free colors on 9 tile sizes, including the exclusive Rift Series, which is two glaze colors applied side-by-side on one tile body.  Also, launched this month is a series of border designs in the “Lineal” and “Slice” collections that can be custom colored and made per order. All laNeva tile is handmade in the USA, employs sustainable business practices wherever possible and ships via UPS with carbon offset credits.

How is laNeva Different?

laNeva Tile was the result of an Interior Designer’s vision to address holes in the tile market. We needed lead-free tile. We needed new, modern designs using standard tile sizes. We needed the option of standard or custom designs. laNeva Artisan Tile is here. Check out our one-of-a-kind tile offerings.

laNeva Tile has recently launched several new pre-designed border options (a few examples await you below!)  Use one of these or get your creative juices flowing! Check out their website & find out where you can get yours!

Woven Rift

Marching Orders

Rift Valley

Want to see samples?  Check out some of the local designers who already have them!

Spacial Adaptation

Shelter Architecture


Codie Donahue

Martha O-Hara


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