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Minnesota GreenStar is 3rd party home certification program for greening your home whether you are building a new home, adding to your existing home or remodeling a kitchen.  Not only was it founded by locals, for locals, it is a non-profit organization run by passionate volunteers who care about how the homes we all live in are built, maintained & restored.


MN GreenStar values:

  • Achieving sustainable environmental outcomes with integrity
  • Respect for both the built and natural environments
  • Heathy, durable and economically viable homes
  • A holistic – systems based – approach to building
  • Accessibility to a broad audience
  • Influencing change to add value and transform the built environment


Their “checklist” is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in making your home a safer & healthier place to live.  You don’t need to certify your project to use it, download it for free. (We do recommend you work with a professional to get you started as it can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, but it is not necessary.)

There as been some press recently in reference to the BATC (Builders Association of the Twin Cities) suing the organization.  You can be sure we will be following the story and will keep you posted!


Our founder & creator, Michelle, started Spacial Adaptation in 2005 as a Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling & Consulting Firm in Los Angeles.  Now, back in the Twin Cities with her family, she is quickly becoming known for savvy social media marketing to the design & construction trade as well as Eco Design & Consulting. Ever a design fanatic, she often takes on new projects with clients who know her work, appreciate a healthy environment and are fun to work with.

You can see a recent Twin Cities bathroom project in the upcoming issue of SPACES Magazine – on stands the end of this month!





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